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Introducing ANZAHPE ONLINE Professional Development Program

ANZAHPE ONLINE aims to deliver a rich academic experience to ANZAHPE members and the wider community.  The PD program has been designed to to cater for novice through to experienced educators/scholars.  The program is a series of events throughout the year.  ANZAHPE members have access to recordings of past events as a membership benefit.

We look forward to connecting with you online.


To review the full event details please click on the links below. 

Registration is easy. Registration will open approximately one month prior to each event. Simply click on the event and follow the online registration prompts. Don't forget to log in to the system first, to auto-populate your booking form and ensure you get our special member rates.

ANZAHPE Online Program

    • 21 Mar 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (AEDT)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    ANZAHPE ONLINE Professional Development Program

    How do I... transform research education? Strategies for research skills development in health professions degrees.

    Presenters: Jo Hart, Di Eley and members of the Research Educator Network

    In this month's professional development webinar, our presenters will discuss how they actively promote, support and foster quality health professional education (HPE) research.

    This webinar is for health professions educators of any level who are expected to or are interested in developing their learners’ research skills. These learners may be students in their programs, other educators, or novice researchers. We will delve into research education and training and examine the what, where and how of research skills education, including the considerations of the incorporation of generative AI tools in our learning and teaching. Topics that could be covered, depending on participants’ interests are the research skills curriculum, models for teaching delivery, assessment of research skills.

    This event is FREE for ANZAHPE members. Non-members are welcome to join this discussion for a small fee.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Kind Regards,

    Tehmina Gladman
    Professional Development Portfolio

    A recording of this session will be made available to all ANZAHPE members following the session.

    • 18 Apr 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (AEST)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)


    How do I... create infographics to support teaching and research

    Presenter: Grace Leo

    Presenting information in a visual format helps viewers understand complex concepts in an effective and efficient manner. Infographics can be used for a variety of purposes. Educators, clinicians, and public health professionals frequently use them to communicate established knowledge to learners, patients, and the general public. Researchers, in contrast, may benefit more from creating visual abstracts to share and disseminate new research findings.

    Come along to our first Masterclass for 2024, where Grace Leo will share her own adventures in thought, teaching & education with you. You may have even seen her amazing Poster presentation at the 2023 ANZAHPE Conference.


    Grace Leo ia paediatric registrar in the Sydney Childrens Hospital Network and an associate lecturer with the University of Sydney, who combines a love for medicine and education with her skills in design and communication. Through her journey she's been able to become an advocate for the importance of visual communication in medical education talks and research. Find a snippet of  Grace's repertoire here:

    • 16 May 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (AEST)
    • Zoom (link TBA via email)

    ANZAHPE ONLINE Professional Development Program

    Aspiring to collaborative practice in the Australian healthcare system, and the argument for a national competency framework

    Presenters: Sarah Meiklejohn and Margo Brewer

    With assistance from the HPAC Forum IPE working group: Fiona Kent, Lynda Cardiff, Bronwyn Clark, Brian Jolly, Julie Gustavs, Theanne Walters, Sue Kirsa, and Glenys Wilkinson.

    The Australian healthcare system aspires to deliver safe and collaborative healthcare centred around the individual needs and preferences of patients and their families. Development of a workforce able to deliver comprehensive and collaborative care

    is the combined responsibility of multiple stakeholders including education institutions, accreditation authorities, consumers and practice settings. Interprofessional competency frameworks are in use internationally to make explicit the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of collaborative practice. Additionally, competency frameworks help to inform health professions education, assessment and workplace learning expectations. A range of frameworks are in use in Australia, but recent research by the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative (HPAC) Forum highlighted the value of establishing a national interprofessional competency framework for all health professionals to work toward (Kent et al.)

    This conversation-based session will be kick-started by Sarah Meiklejohn from the AIPPEN Steering Committee. Sarah will reflect on the recent research by the HPAC Forum, which aimed to facilitate the development of collaborative practitioners through increased collaboration between accreditation authorities, health services and education providers. The merit of a national competency framework will be presented. Participants will be invited to share ideas on how to progress a national interprofesssional collaborative practice competency framework, and the role AIPPEN and ANZAHPE members could play in this work.

    Dr Sarah Meiklejohn is a health professions education leader with a focus IPE and accreditation research. She commenced as Education Coordinator at the Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education (MCSHE), Monash University in November 2021 and is an active member of ANZAHPE and AIPPEN.

    This event is FREE for ANZAHPE members. Non-members are welcome to join this discussion for a small fee.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Kind Regards,

    Tehmina Gladman
    Professional Development Portfolio


    A recording of this session will be made available to all ANZAHPE members following the session.

    • 1 Jul 2024
    • 9:00 AM (ACST)
    • 4 Jul 2024
    • 5:00 PM (ACST)

    We invite you to attend ANZAHPE 2024!

    Join us for ANZAHPE 2024!  It is with great excitement that we can announce the ANZAHPE 2024 Conference theme 'Cultivating Innovation' to be held in Adelaide, South Australia.  

    So, start working up your abstracts and block out your calendars from 1st to 4th July, 2024 in preparation for an extravaganza of collegiality, networking opportunities and all things ‘Health Professional Education’.

    Join us in Adelaide for ANZAHPE 2024

    After the huge success of the 2023 in person Conference in the Gold Coast, we welcome you to attend ANZAHPE 2024. We invite all health professional educators, clinical educators, educational researchers, health educational providers, health professional students and those involved in innovative health progression education practice to attend.

    The official conference website is now live.

    Call for Abstracts 

    The Call for Abstracts for the ANZAHPE Conference 2024 is NOW OPEN!

    The Adelaide theme is 'Cultivating Innovation'. We invite you to submit an abstract, whether you are a health professional educator, clinical educator, educational researcher, health education provider, health professional student or involved in innovative health profession educational practice, now is the time to start writing abstracts to share how you have been ‘cultivating innovation’ in health professions education!

    We urge you to take this opportunity to be an active part of the conference by sharing your experiences and visions for the future with fellow delegates. You will expand your professional network and find participation a rewarding and stimulating experience.

    Please click here for abstract submission process and guidelines details.

    To submit your abstracts and inform us of your great work. To Network and Learn. To Share and Celebrate. To Challenge and Grow.

    We look forward to warmly welcoming you as we bring the ANZAHPE community together in-person again.

    Visit the official conference website for further details

Past events

16 Nov 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE: How do I... increase my chance of getting published?
19 Oct 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE: Masterclass - How do I... embed care into the curriculum of the caring professions
21 Sep 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE: How do I... get started creating a culturally safe environment for students
20 Jul 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE: How do I... combine formal professional development with the rest of my life
26 Jun 2023 2023 ANZAHPE Conference: Turning Tides - Navigating opportunities
18 May 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE - Assessment of student learning outcomes in interprofessional education: What does the evidence tell us?
20 Apr 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE: Masterclass - How do I... develop good learning outcomes for the curriculum
16 Feb 2023 ANZAHPE ONLINE: How do I... combine teaching and research
9 Dec 2022 MASTER CLASS: Educators as Team Coaches: Embedding low fidelity simulations into programs – lessons from Ted Lasso
13 Oct 2022 ANZAHPE ONLINE: Open Forum discussion on Professional Development opportunities with ANZAHPE
7 Sep 2022 MASTER CLASS: Research - 'Telling a good story'
18 Aug 2022 Scholarly Activity
16 Jun 2022 Maximising feedback through an educational alliance
21 Apr 2022 IPE workshop: Focus: Designing and evaluating an interprofessional learning experience
10 Feb 2022 Bouncing Forward; Mental Wealth for Staff and Student
9 Dec 2021 End of Year Networking Event
9 Dec 2021 Festival Abstract and Prize Application Workshop
11 Nov 2021 DEBATE: Work-place clinical placements should remain the mainstay of health professions education?
21 Oct 2021 IPE series Part 2: Approaches to interprofessional education: Lessons for success
14 Oct 2021 IPE series Part 1: Interprofessional education: What is it and why it matters
24 Sep 2021 MASTER CLASS: Theory in your health professional research
9 Sep 2021 ANZAHPE Fellowship Mentoring Scheme
12 Aug 2021 What institutions and individuals might do to improve feedback
10 Jun 2021 PeArLS: Pooling pearls of portfolio wisdom: promotion, preparation and practice
27 May 2021 PeArLS: Towards coherent curricula in somatisation (aka functional illness 'BDS' or 'MUS')
22 Apr 2021 PeArLS: The coterie of the country
11 Mar 2021 Writing a competitive research grant in Health Professions Education
25 Feb 2021 Learning in (and for) a digital world - Professor Margaret Bearman
10 Dec 2020 End of year special!
12 Nov 2020 Workshop - Writing for Publication
8 Oct 2020 Workshop - Writing authentic OSCEs
10 Sep 2020 Building a feedback culture - Professor Chris Watling
13 Aug 2020 Confronting Contexts - Professor Rachel Ellaway
16 Jul 2020 Ways of Seeing in Healthcare: Panel Discussion
12 Jul 2020 ANZAHPE ONLINE Program launch


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