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HTAG - Simulated Participants in Health Professions Education

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For many years Simulated Participants (SPs) have played an integral role in several facets of health education, so why should you consider including SPs in your teaching?

Among the advantages of using SPs in student training is the provision of a safe and supportive environment, the ability for students to have repeated practice of the same problem, and to receive feedback from the patient perspective – a unique opportunity that does not occur in ‘real practice’.

SPs represent different parts of society, and vary in terms of age, culture, language, ethnicity, and life experience. SPs are committed to making a difference in the education and communication skills of our future health care professionals.

The purpose of this HTAG is to develop a network of both education professionals and simulated participants to learn with and from one another. This is a group that can share knowledge and experiences about working with SPs and is open to those who already work with simulated participants or those who wish to work with SPs in the future.

The outcomes of this HTAG include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing knowledge and outcomes of working with simulated participants.
  • Increasing collaboration between SPs and educators from different universities.
  • Improving and expanding the way in which simulated participants are included in teaching methods.
  • Encouraging discussion around training, governance and quality assurance when working with SPs.

HTAG lead: Dr Jessica Stokes Parish, Assistant Professor, Bond University.

We hope to hold events over the coming year – for faculty that work with SPs and SPs.

If you would like to be involved in this HTAG, please get in touch via email to (please cc to the anzahpe office).

Please note: HTAGs are open to members of ANZAHPE; if non-ANZAHPE members decide to join a HTAG, they  must become a member of ANZAHPE  to take part in the group.


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