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2024 committee of management election

2024 Election details

There will be four positions available on the Committee of Management (CoM), commencing from 21 June, 2024.

An online election will be held from Monday 17 June to Wednesday 19 June
Details of the online election process will be circulated to eligible members.

2024 Committee of Management Nominees

Nominations have been received from 7 members, listed below in alphabetical order by last name:

* Denotes current members of the Committee of Management who are offering for re-election.  

Please read nominees' statements below:  


My name is Jo Bishop, and I am seeking re-nomination as a member of the ANZAHPE Committee of Management/Board. I am deeply committed to supporting ANZAHPE’s mission of promoting excellence in health education for all members.

During my tenure on the ANZAHPE board, and as president for the last three years I have successfully led various initiatives by fostering collaboration among a diverse range of stakeholders through my professional networks. These efforts directly align with ANZAHPE’s strategic goals and have resulted in significant advancements in the educational programs available to our members.

In my current role as the Head of Curriculum for Bond University’s Medical Program, I draw upon my extensive experience in teaching, curriculum development, and academic leadership. This role has provided me with a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent in health education, which I will continue to address through my work with ANZAHPE.

I am passionate about the future of health education and am dedicated to ensuring that ANZAHPE is the organization that leads key discussions at the forefront of the field. If re-nominated, I will continue to support ANZAHPE in advancing its goals, contributing to the organization’s growth, and fostering a supportive and dynamic environment for all members. Additionally, I would like to prioritise wellbeing and inclusive practices across all members and foster mentorship of our junior colleagues.

Thank you for considering my re-election. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving ANZAHPE and supporting the incoming president as the immediate past-president.


I am an educator and researcher in Health Professions Education (HPE), notably in communication, academic literacies, online curriculum design, assessment, and clinical feedback.

My commitment to ANZAHPE dates from ANZAME 2008, with recent Conference presentations including a symposium on Communication (2018) and presentation of Partnership in Indigenous Knowledge Inclusion (2022), and I am a regular conference abstract reviewer. I promote ANZAHPE and its values in our College and the broader academic community through dissemination of FoHPE articles, and through my professional networks.

I am a Senior Lecturer in HPE in the Prideaux Discipline of Clinical Education, topic coordinator in our Master of Clinical Education, and Course Development Lead for the College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University since 2020. Previously, I was Lead Academic Developer for the Division of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, overseeing the development of three fully-online undergraduate degrees in Community Health, Nutrition and Health Sciences, and Public Health.

My understanding of HPE is clear through publications, curriculum redesign, and successful HPE funding. I co-developed the revised Graduate Certificate of Clinical Education, creating continuity and alignment, and embedding principles of inclusivity, diversity, and multi-disciplinarity. Since my Master of Applied Linguistics with the Postgraduate Medical Council of SA, I have strived to improve educational outcomes and scholarship in the health professions through national and international research collaborations in allied health, midwifery, rural and remote health, indigenous health, higher education management, HDR supervision, and international journal reviews.

I am an active and supportive team member in the Discipline, College Education Committee, University Non-Award Courses Project Committee, and educational adviser to programs in Medical Science, Public Health, Behavioural Health, Midwifery, and Medicine. My work is informed by an openness and curiosity to understand the perspective of others, the respectful exchange of ideas, and excellent oral and written communication.


I am a senior lecturer and Education Adviser for the University of Otago Wellington. I am also Co-Director of the Otago Medical School’s Education Development and Staff Support Unit (EDSSU). I have been a member of ANZAHPE since 2018 and Associate Fellow since 2020. I have a PhD in Experimental Psychology, and a keen interest in student academic motivation and the use of educational technology to engage learning. I came to health professional education about 10 years ago, the long way around, beginning as an academic teaching psychology in Japan, before moving to New Zealand and working in several fields doing learning design, curriculum development and elearning development. I now enjoy working with health professional staff to develop their teaching skills to improve student learning while doing research in health professional education. I have experience in faculty development including facilitating professional development workshops, peer observation, and supporting student feedback on teaching. I also have expertise in the use of educational technology to support student learning and have worked closely with health professional staff to develop their use of educational technology as part a blended learning environment. In 2022 I was elected to CoM for the first time. I was thrilled to be nominated for and voted by the CoM to be the lead for the Professional Development portfolio. During that time I have worked with members of ANZAHPE to further develop our offering of professional development activities to suit the needs of the membership.


I have extensive senior leadership experience both as a an academic and clinician. Over the last 30 years I have worked as a General Practitioner both in primary care and currently, in a large outer metropolitan hospital in Melbourne. Here, I am also the Director of the Northern Clinical School, overseeing the delivery of the University of Melbourne medical course for 200 students. I have taught students and educators at all stages of their health professions careers and delivered on several projects designed to build workforce capacity. I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing HPE and of the value of collaborative practice which strongly positions me to support ANZAHPE achieve its core objectives.

Through these leadership roles I have worked with government agencies, education providers and public and private healthcare sectors. My ability to build trust, grow and sustain key partnerships, will enable me to contribute effectively to enhancing ANZAHPE’s networks and strategic vision.

As a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, I have a comprehensive understanding of governance, strategy and risk. I have leveraged these skills within the faculty by contributing to quality assurance and compliance of health professions programs. My understanding of the regulatory environments and ability to create productive working cultures will support ANZAHPE’s goal to increase visibility of HPE in the Pacific region.

I have completed a Masters in Clinical Education and champion HPE scholarship by leading research teams. Through the pedagogy of work integrated learning, I enjoy designing and evaluating curriculum which aims to enhance the learner’s ability to improve their practice. I have presented several times at ANZAHPE conferences and am always invigorated by other colleagues’ innovations and commitment to HPE. I would embrace an opportunity to further promote and advocate for HPE research as a board member.



I started my academic career in Indonesia in 1996 and I have been teaching in Australia since 2005 at the undergraduate, honours, postgraduate coursework and doctorate levels. Having taught across Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Public Health, I have deep insights into health professional education (HPE) and interprofessional collaboration.

Leading Community Engaged Learning at Western Sydney University School of Medicine since 2014, I oversee, maintain and develop partnerships with 200+ community service organisations in teaching and learning, research and service. My achievements have been recognised with multiple WSU Awards (Community Engagement x4, Teaching x2, Academic Leadership x2). My Community Engaged Learning works led me to champion an Intersectionality approach in addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in medical education, the university, professional organisations and the community. My innovative pedagogy and leadership resulted in Senior Fellowship from AdvanceHE UK, where I now serve as an Accreditor. I co-founded the Public Health Association of Australia’s DEI Special Interest Group and served as Inaugural Convenor (2019-2022), from which I was elected as PHAA Board Member 2020-2022 and conferred PHAA Fellow and Mentor of the Year in 2022. I also co-founded the International Community of Practice (CoP) on DEI in Medical Education under the auspices of AMEE. My curricular contributions and leadership in LGBTQIA+ health was recognised by ACON 2022 Honour Award, and presently I am leading the establishment of a National CoP on LGBTQIA+ Health and Social Care Curricula Development. My other DEI works range from raising awareness of perimenopause, to supporting refugee doctors’ integration to clinical practice in Australia.

I intend to support ANZAHPE CoM’s DEI, Professional Development, and Collaborative Practice portfolios, and promote Community Engaged Learning approach in HPE. I will bring insights from my extensive networks (e.g., ACEN, Carnegie, The Muster/ICEMEN, Patient Voice, TUFH, PHAA/CAPHIA) as relevant to ANZAHPE’s strategic priorities.


Dr Priya Martin began her career as an occupational therapist and has worked in clinical, research, project, and academic roles in Australia and India, spanning over two decades. Currently, she works as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland Rural Clinical School, furthering evidence for health professional education, healthcare workforce support and wellbeing, and rural health. Priya is a member of the Australasian Interprofessional Practice and Education Network (AIPPEN) Steering Committee and has also served on Interprofessional.Global working groups to progress interprofessional education and collaborative practice and research at national and international levels. Priya has been an ANZAHPE member since 2017. The impact and significance of her contribution to health professions education and research have been recognised through ANZAHPE’s Post-graduate Student Prize (2017) and Early Career Health Professions Education Prize (2022). Her PhD through the University of South Australia and an Advance Queensland Industry Research Postdoctoral Fellowship greatly progressed evidence for high quality clinical supervision in allied health, medicine, and nursing. She is recognised globally for her work on clinical supervision in the health professions. She utilises her lived experience of diversity to champion inclusivity in workplaces. She mentors novice researchers and ensures novice researcher representation on her projects to build research capacity and capability.


I am currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the IMU University Malaysia. I completed specialist training in Obstetrics in the UK 1997 and a Doctor of Medicine research higher degree in 1995. Prior to moving to IMU I held the positions Dean of the Joint Medical Program in NSW and Dean and Head of School of Medicine, Adelaide University.

I have had experience in a number of national leadership roles in health professional education including the presidency of the Medical Deans of Australia and New Zealand and, Vice President and Dean of Education of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists as well as Chair of the South Australian Medical Education and Training Eduction Committee

I have been a member of ANZAHPE since 2004 and was on the organising committee for the annual conferences in Newcastle, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast. I have been a board member and treasurer for the last 2 years.

I bring significant experience from across the whole continuum of medical education and a career long passion for the benefits of interprofessional learning to the position.

If re-elected to the COM I will continue to work to implement the COM’s strategic plans to grow the society and bring us to financial position where we can expand our profile and the services we offer the membership.


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