ANZAHPE Student Profiles

Daniel North

3rd Year Medical Student, University of Melbourne

I am a 3rd year postgraduate student at the University of Melbourne, with an interest in pursuing a career in internal medicine, as well as clinical research and medical education. During my undergraduate degree I had the opportunity to become involved in the peer assisted study session program, run for undergraduate science students at the University of Queensland. After having participated as both a student and a tutor, I took up a position as an assistant program coordinator for twelve months before starting my medical training. With this background, I took on the role of education officer in our medical student society and alongside some of my colleagues have organised a peer tutorial program within the University of Melbourne MD program. My research focuses on the effectiveness of a peer tutoring program as a supplement to pre-clinical medical education, and the motivations of students and volunteer tutors for becoming involved in peer tutoring.

Allison Hempenstall

3rd Year Medical Student, University of Melbourne

Peer learning is a vital component of medical professional development and is recognized as a successful tool to enhance learning. Throughout the last 18 months, I have been involved in the organization of a peer-tutoring program run for medical student in the new Melbourne University Doctor of Medicine program. In 2012, we ran a pilot peer-tutoring program to develop early clinical skills including medical interviewing, physical examination and diagnostic reasoning skills in first-year students. Our pilot was met with much enthusiasm and as such will continue our research evaluating student perceptions of participating in a peer-tutoring program designed to enhance clinical skills. My team was fortunate enough to present at this year’s ANZAHPE Health Professionals Conference in Melbourne, which was a fantastic forum to meet others involved in similar research. I have a keen interest in medical education, both to our patients and peers and hope to continue my involvement in medical education long after I graduate.

John Floridis & Sanj Mudaliar

4th Year Medical Students, Flinders University

Sanj Mudaliar and John Floridis are both final year medical students at Flinders University. Prior to embarking on their medical studies, both were involved in teaching. Sanj was a founding member of an high school coaching collage in Sydney, whilst John was involved in the mentoring and training of pharmacy students. Whilst studying medicine, both have developed an interest in medical education and been involved with teaching informally through the Flinders Medical Students' Society (FMSS) who runs a peer mentoring program. They have both seen the potential of near-peer teaching (NPT) having noted the many interactions which occur between junior and senior medical students on a daily basis, with an absence of a formal program available for students to foster an interest in teaching. They have conducted a thorough literature search and analysis to review the theory, evidence and examples of near peer teaching around the world. Following this process, they have developed a pilot model for implementation. Their work saw them be awarded the 2013 Pre-registration Student Prize at the annual ANZAHPE conference.

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