The 2019 ANZAHPE Annual General Meeting

will be held during the 2019 Conference at The National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia on 


Tuesday, July 2 at 12.30pm


Minutes of 2018 AGM

President Report

Membership Secretary Report

Treasurer Report

2018 Financial Statement

ANZAHPE Committee of Management

Call for Nominations


There will be six positions available on the ANZAHPE Committee of Management (COM) following the final meeting of the CoM which is held prior to the conference. 

Current members of the Committee of Management who will be nominating for re-election:

Avril Lee

Margo Brewer

Diann Eley

Joanna Tai

Koshila Kumar


To nominate yourself or a colleague, please fill out the CoM Nomination document.

Signatures are required by the nominee, nominator as well as one other individual to second a proposal.

Nominees are asked to forward a picture and short bio (approx 250 words) to accompany their nomination form.

Please note that in order to nominate, both the nominator and the nominee must be current financial ANZAHPE members.


If you are interested in nominating for a position on the  Committee of Management and would like further information on the roles and responsibilities of the CoM, please feel free to contact Jill Romeo Ph:  0478 313 123 


Nomination forms should be returned to Jill Romeo ( 
by Tuesday 4th June.


PO Box 852,

Renmark, SA, 5341, AUS


President: A/Prof Chinthaka Balasooriya